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Everyone knows the story: in a far away time and a far away place there was a sleeping castle and a beautiful sleeping Princess. Except the REAL story is that this is happening right now and Princess Rose is not actually asleep! (And she really hates it when people call her ‘beautiful’.) 

Prince (that’s his name, his parents really liked fairy tales) has heard the story about a sleeping Princess and he thinks it’s his job to save her. So Prince is setting off with his faithful (but very naughty) dog Puff and he needs you to join him on his adventure via Zoom! 

But someone else is in the palace with Princess Rose… the Evil Dreaver who turns your own dreams against you! Can Prince and Rose find each other and defeat the Dreaver all in time for Christmas? With your help, they just might!

An epic interactive adventure told via Zoom using puppetry, music and comedy to transport you and your kids out of 2020 and into a world of magic, celebration and connection.











Thursday 17th: 5pm 

Friday 18th: 5pm & 7pm 

Sunday 20th: 10.30am & 5pm 

Monday 21st: 5pm & 7pm 

Tuesday 22nd: 10.30am & 7pm 

Wednesday 23rd: 10.30am  

Sunday 27th: 5pm 

Monday 28th: 10.30am & 5pm 

Tuesday 29th: 5pm & 7pm 

Wednesday 30th: 10.30am & 5pm 

Suitable Age 3+ 
Perfect for children aged 4 - 9.
Might be scary for younger or more sensitive children.
Running time: 50mins

Zoom link and pre-show activities will be sent out a day before the show.

Our tickets: Tea Break firmly believes that theatre needs to be as accessible as possible. Therefore we are letting you choose the price which suits you best! The more you spend, the more you support other families to watch the show at an affordable rate during these difficult times. Please choose the option that best suits you according to both the size of the group watching and what works for your circumstances. Whatever you spend, thank you for supporting theatre!

Press by Chloe Nelkin Consulting, contact:

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