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Tea Break Theatre transform the everyday into the extraordinary through storytelling, music, puppetry and comedy. 


We work mainly with adaptations which provide the perfect mix of familiarity for an audience and the opportunity for the company to be artistically adventurous.


The process of creating a work of adaptation is part of what characterises us: we workshop from an original text, story, script or character to build a production through collaboration and experimentation. Every member of the team behind a production becomes involved in every aspect and we use the skills each individual brings to create something unique to that particular group. 


We think the best theatre is created in a relaxed, collaborative and experimental environment and that it's time to shake off some of the old traditions of theatre and focus on creating enjoyable, diverse and horizon-widening shows. The tea break for us represents a time when you can play with thoughts, share ideas and give yourself the freedom to stretch your brain beyond the day to day. Some of our best ideas have occurred during a sit down with a cup of tea...


We aim for each production to do three things:


1) Create something new from something old

2) Use a collaborative approach to create the show

3) Be adventurous in some way. Either a new method or performance form used by the company or a daring idea presented to our audiences.


After each production we will always want to know what our audiences think and whether they feel we lived up to these promises. If you have seen one of our shows do let us know what you thought. If you have something you would love to see performed then we might well be the people to do that for you...!

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