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Little Angel Theatre

7th - 10th August 2017

11am & 2pm


Watch the trailer here!

Photo by John Wilson

Bobbin returns to London this August!

Everyone knows what happens when you leave the room… things come to life!

Meet Bobbin, the mischievous spirit of a shoemaker’s workshop, who is always ready to explore, discover and make new friends. This is his first night in a strange new world and there is so much to do he might just need your help!

An interactive, wordless show for young children, based on ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’, Bobbin is full of Tea Break’s trademark comedy, invention and imagination. Step inside the workshop for a miniature, magical adventure!

Designed by Chris Dobson, Bobbin himself is constructed from bobbins of thread and string. Even though he is quite small he had three puppeteers who bring him to life and allow him to explore the workshop he lives in. Bobbin is new to the world and so sees it in a similar way that his intended audience of under 6s do: a colourful mismash of interesting things to be tested, explored and understood. 


Developed through the Incubate programme at The Little Angel Theatre.


Photos by John Wilson. Check out John's twitter (@tug) and website for more of his work:  

Bobbin stretches
Bobbin wakes up
Star jumps!
Bobbin explores
Bobbin balances
Cast & Crew
Created by Chris Dobson
Puppeteers  -    Chris Dobson
Emily Essery
Bonny Davis 
Louise Wilcox
Elaine Hartley
Molly Small
Catriona Giles
Felicity Sparks
Development -    Jeff Scott
James Thorpe-Woods
Jen Tyler
Producers  -     Molly Small & Chris Dobson
Director   -     Katharine Armitage


With huge thanks to Little Angel Puppet Theatre and Blackhorse Road Workshop.



Photos from puppetry making workshops

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