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Five Children and It
September 2013
June 2014
Abney Park, Stoke Newington
Wilderness Festival
"You don't know? Well, I knew the world had changed - but - well, really - do you mean to tell me seriously you don't know a Psammead when you see one?"

Cyril, Anthea, Robert, Jane and their baby brother Lamb have just found something. Something magical. Something ancient. Something...grumpy.

Now the five children find themselves with the opportunity to wish for something, anything and have it come true in front of their eyes. Only two rules: One wish per day, and one day per wish. Where will this new adventure take them? And will they EVER get home in time for dinner?

Join this wild and fantastical journey in this acclaimed production from Tea Break Theatre, as it returns to the beautiful surroundings of Abney Park.


Five Children and It was developed through workshopping from the original text in the venue from day one. It was a show therefore that, almost literally, emerged from the earth (rather like our Psammead). The show employs puppetry, music, magic and a fair amount of sweet eating.


It follows the adventures of a group of siblings who discover a Psammead (sadn fairy) which will grant them one wish a day. Wishing is quite a comoplcated business however and unexpected consequences soon arise involving gold, flying, castles and unwanted guests. 


One of the main aims of the show was to bring more attention to the work of Edith Nesbit, a highly underrated author of incredible wit, magic and keen observation. We hope she would feel we did her work justice. Do pick up one of her books, we promise you won't regret it!


The show has performed sell out runs at Abney Park, Stoke Newington and Wilderness Festival. Each run has created a slightly different version of the show as we adapt to spaces and times.

JANE - Jennifer Tyler
ANTHEA - Molly Small
CYRIL - Callum Cameron
ROBERT - James Thorpe Woods
PSAMMEAD (voice & head)/
PIRATE - Chris Dobson
PSAMMEAD (eyes & arm)/
PIRATE CAPTAIN - Charlotte King
ANTHEA - Claire Gaydon
CYRIL - Thomas Ling
ROBERT - Jeff Scott
DIRECTOR - Katharine Armitage
PRODUCER - Will Bourdillon
VENUE MANAGER - John Baldock
VENUE ASSISTANT - Justina Kochansky
PROPS ASSISTANT - Joeseph Bloor 



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