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When Tea Break Theatre began life we had a name, an idea and very little else. So we went looking for help and found it in style. In our early stages a group of people invested in Tea Break and enabled us to begin doing things. That group has now increased in number and are now all shareholders in the company. Tea Break Theatre is not a charity, but we are a small business with product rather than profit at our core. This makes the investment of our Patrons/Shareholders incredibly vital and this page is to thank them.



Sarah Jane and Mike Seymour, Jane and Andrew Muir, Deborah Perkin and Mark Smithies, Patricia and Erich Schlaikjer, Mairead and Patrick Flaherty, Lynn and Andrew Oliver, Mary and Michael Klaber.



Katy and Bernard Munro, Enzyme Consulting


If you would like to become a supporter or patron/shareholder of Tea Break Theatre please get in touch to learn about the advantages of investment in the company:


Tea Break Theatre Ltd. is a small business operating under the SEIS scheme. Company number: 8327019




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